Book one

  • A simple and effective piano method
  • Easy piano scores that are not overwhelming.
  • Videos of all the scores are available online.
  • The book contains 54 popular songs.
  • All in one piano method for beginners.
  • Sight-reading exercises including the answers in the appendix.

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Videos of all the titles inside Book One

Hot Cross Buns

P. 13


P. 14

Open Shut

P. 15

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

P. 16

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

P. 17


P. 18

Happy Birthday

P. 19

Good King Wenceslas

P. 20

Yankee Doodle

P. 21

The Wheels On The Bus

P. 22

Rock a Bye Baby

P. 23

Dodo l'enfant do

P. 25

Itsy Bitsy Spider

P. 26

Mary Had A Little Lamb

P. 27


P. 28

Oats Peas Beans and...

P. 29


P. 30

Pop Goes The Weasel

P. 32

Black Eyes Go To Sleep

P. 33

Little Robin Redbreast

P. 34

Lightly Row

P. 35

Beautiful Brown Eyes

P. 36

Le bon roi Dagobert

P. 38

Molly Malone

P. 40

When the World's On Fire

P. 41

When The Saints Go Marching In

P. 42

Bye, Baby Bunting

P. 43


P. 44

Miss Polly Had A Dolly

P. 45

Oranges and Lemons

P. 46

Summ, summ, summ

P. 47

Hush Little Baby

P. 48

London Bridge

P. 49

This Old Man

P. 50

Brother John

P. 51

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

P. 52

Rain, Rain Go Away

P. 53

The Farmer in the Dell

P. 54

Lavender's Blue

P. 55

Long Long Ago

P. 56

Skip to My Lou

P. 57

Aiken Drum

P. 58

The Noble Duke of York

P. 59

I’m a Little Teapot

P. 61

Irish Washerwoman

P. 62

Tommy Thumb's Song

P. 63

Hickory Dickory Dock

P. 64

The Streets of Cairo

P. 65

V’là l'bon vent

P. 66

Cherry Blossoms

P. 67

Fishing for Mussels

P. 68


P. 70

Shortnin' Bread

P. 71

Aura Lee

P. 72

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