Book Three

  • A simple and effective piano method
  • Easy piano scores that are not overwhelming.
  • Videos of all the scores are available online.
  • The book contains 43 popular songs.
  • All in one piano method for beginners.
  • Sight-reading exercises including the answers in the appendix.
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Videos of some titles inside Book Three.

The Water Is Wide

Page 4

Down By The Salley Gardens

Page 6

When Johnny Comes Marching

Page 8

Auld Lang Syne

Page 10

Down in the Valley

Page 12

On Top of Old Smokey

Page 14

Sailing, Sailing Over...

Page 16

Bring Back My Bonnie to Me

Page 18

Loch Lomond

Page 20

Black Is the Color

Page 22

Santa Lucia

Page 24

Brahms’s Lullaby

Page 26

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Page 27

Vienna Blood Waltz

Page 28

Sweet Evelina

Page 30

Oh My Darling, Clementine

Page 32

Aloha Oe

Page 34

Mexican Hat Dance

Page 38

Jasmine Flower

Page 42

Skye Boat

Page 52

Hava Nagila

Page 60

Colonel Bogey March

Page 68

Bella Ciao

Page 72

Waltz No. 2

Page 80

Are You Lonesome Tonight

Page 82

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