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Bobby Cyr | Piano Notion Founder

About the Author

Hello everyone, my name is Bobby Cyr.

I am a piano teacher, composer, professional pianist and founder of the Piano Notion Method. I have a master degree in music writing at Montreal University and I have been teaching the piano since 1995. 

During my career, I have noticed that most piano-adapted sheet music does not meet my needs, so I decided to use my experience to write specialized music scores for students and piano teachers. All the piano sheets are an affordable price and all this on a secure https website.

I want to thank all the Net surfers who have already bought me piano sheets and some Piano Notion Methods. You give me the monetary means to continue to produce new material on this website.

Bobby Cyr

Founder of the Piano Notion Method


On this site, you will find effective and simplified piano sheets at an affordable price to build an interesting repertoire that will arouse the interest of your students and encourage them to practice more. I have also written a multi-volume piano method built with popular songs from around the world.

If you need simplified Christmas music for your students, I offer Christmas music throughout the year.

Good teaching!


I see a lot of internet advertising a revolutionary new way to quickly learn the piano using a computer gadget. The best way to learn is to be accompanied by a real piano teacher as he develops a warm human relationship between the teacher and the student. The teacher does not only teach music but gives moral support and the motivation to do so.

For the self-taught people who cannot afford real piano lessons, my books one can serve as a starting point for knowing the basics.

Good learning!


You think that your child has an interest in the piano. You can easily test their skills with our free piano sheets. With an instruction sheet for the level one simplified score, your kid just has to know how to count to 5 and follow the fingers indicated on the score. After a quick test, you will know if your child has a real interest before investing money on real piano lessons.

Good listening!

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