An effective piano method for beginners

Offered in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

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Book Five

The 5 advantages of the Piano Notion Method

1. Popular Songs

Each book contains more than 50 musical pieces presented in increasing order of difficulty. The repertoire is made up of works known throughout the world which arouses the student’s interest and encourages him to practice. In addition to being a complete piano method, Piano Notion books can also be used as score books to enrich the student repertoire and thus accompany an existing piano method.

2. Progression

The evolution of the scores is gradual and constant which facilitates the initiation and stimulates the student. He or she practices at least three pieces for each new concept discussed in order to fully understand the concept before moving on to the next step. At the beginning, the student has his hands in a fixed position to focus on the rhythm and the fingers. Subsequently, some fingerings are removed to make room for sight reading.

3. Presentation

The layout of this method is presented like a scores book, there is no drawing that distracts the attention of the student. The description of each concept is short and the explanations are accompanied by precise examples and detailed illustrations. On the scores we find the date of the creation of the work as well as its country of origin. The composer is also mentioned and if the composer is unknown, a Roud number will be indicated. These details shape the general culture of the student.

4. Appendices

All new rhythmic concepts are accompanied by exercises and explanations detailed in the appendix. The student can take the time to master the rhythmic concept before applying it to his piece. In order to improve the sight reading of notes, a Treble clef and a Bass clef exercises are also available in the appendix and they are accompanied by a answer sheet that allows correct reading mistakes on the score during practice.

5. YouTube Videos

Videos of the performance of all the musical pieces of the books are available on the website. In order to quickly find the searched videos, they are classified in the same order as the pieces discussed in the notebooks. With a computer or a tablet, the student can validate his interpretation without the help of the teacher.

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