An effective piano method for beginners

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A person who wants to learn the piano on the internet can choose a song on YouTube and try to learn it by copying the movements of the performer. One of the many problems with this technique is that most tutorials are made by amateurs who use incorrect fingerings. This gives a result that the student develops bad reflexes which will limit it in its future performances.

The second big problem is after several weeks of practice and efforts the student will finally succeed in playing his song. He did not acquire any competence in musical reading and must rely entirely on his memory. After a few weeks without playing the song, the student will forget it and will not be able to play it anymore. In the end, what will he have learned? Nothing.

That’s why I decided to create Piano Method Notion books for piano learning. The material will give you real know-how in a smooth and constant progression. 

Don’t learn a song; Learn how to play the piano.

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